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  • 10/27
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Temperatures may be dropping, but autumn’s actually the perfect time to plant trees. As we head into the final days of October, our Parks Operations team is receiving and planting 18 trees as part of its daily work to beautify our neighborhood and increase its urban tree canopy. BPCA has procured these trees through the Tree Power 2.0 program administered by our partners at the New York Power Authority, an initiative which offers nearly 30 native varieties to partner organizations across the state to increase native biodiversity and natural carbon storage.

The trees featured as part of Battery Park City’s fall planting were selected by our Horticulture team to provide specific habitat value to benefit the region’s ecosystem of insects, birds, and mammals, while also storing carbon and providing much-needed shade.

Our planting list this fall includes Red Maples, Princeton Elms, Swamp White Oaks, and American Lindens. This week, crews are working to plant these natives in empty planters and as replacement for damaged/unhealthy trees at locations throughout Battery Park City, including along the Little West Street, adjacent to Liberty Community Garden, and BPC Esplanade above South Cove.

To learn more about these trees, or those in front of your building, please reach out to info.bpc@bpca.ny.gov to schedule a walk through with a member of our Horticulture team.

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