South Battery Park City Resiliency Project

South Battery Park City Resiliency Project


The South Battery Park City Resiliency Project contemplates creation of an integrated coastal flood risk management system from the Museum of Jewish Heritage, across Wagner Park and Pier A Plaza, and along the northern border of the Historic Battery.

The SBPCR Project represents one of several projects within the overall Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency (LMCR) Master Plan.

The purpose of the SBPCR Project is to:

• Provide a reliable coastal flood control system to provide risk reduction to property, residents and assets within the vicinity of South Battery Park City in response to the design storm event;

• Protect and preserve to the maximum extent practicable, open space resources and opportunities to view and interact with the Manhattan waterfront, particularly in Wagner Park, Pier A Plaza and The Battery; and,

• Avoid or minimize disruption to existing below and above-ground infrastructure (i.e., water and sewer infrastructure, subways, tunnels, utilities, etc.) from flood events

The SBPCR Project enhances Wagner Park’s programmatic diversity and provides an opportunity for a new waterfront marine habitat educational area along the Pier A inlet. The Pier A Inlet design converts a concrete relieving platform and rip-rap edge to a terraced condition that improves habitat opportunities.

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