"Battery Park City and the Authority are not just about the buildings – it’s about the character of the community that has developed over time. Public space has had a new renaissance in New York City, but here in Battery Park City is where it started."


President & CEO

Pier A

In November 2014, Pier A opened to the public for the first time in its 128-year history, following an extensive restoration led by the Battery Park City Authority.  In partnership with the City of New York, the Authority funded the renovation of the Pier’s structure, which was critical to the preservation of this important landmark. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Pier A stands today as Manhattan’s oldest remaining pier. Built as the headquarters for the New York City Docks Department in 1886, Pier A was subsequently used by a variety of municipal agencies over the years, including the city’s police and fire departments. The Pier’s clock tower, affixed in 1919, was installed as the country’s first formal commemoration of World War I in the United States. As part of its renovation, the Battery Park City Authority went to great lengths to ensure many historic elements of the structure were kept intact, including preservation of the building’s exterior.  Numerous protective measures have also been taken, to provide as much resistance as possible to any future storms. Completed in accordance with the Battery Park City Authority’s guidelines for environmentally responsible development, Pier A has earned a LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Today, the building is home to Pier A Harbor House, a fine dining establishment managed by Pier A Battery Park Associates LLC, a joint venture between the Poulakakos family and the Dermot Company. The first floor of the building, known as the Long Hall, is open to the public and includes a visitor center managed by the Downtown Alliance. Here passersby have an opportunity to learn about the region’s rich history, while enjoying the breathtaking views of New York Harbor from the promenade.

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