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Press Release for North Cove Marina – May 12, 2015 update


Affordable Sailing Course, Programs and Special Events for Children, Adults and Special Needs Groups

NEW YORK, NY (May 12, 2015) – All aboard at Battery Park City’s North Cove Marina beginning May 21! Battery Park City is ready to welcome New Yorkers of all ages, both its old-salt sailors and soon-to-be seaworthy skippers, as it launches its 2015 Sailing Program through Offshore Sailing School.

“We are thrilled to welcome Offshore Sailing as the program operator for Battery Park City’s North Cove Marina,” announced Shari C. Hyman, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Battery Park City Authority, “Offshore Sailing is nationally recognized for its comprehensive instructional programming and its deep commitment to making sailing accessible for all. With their expertise at the helm, and Brookfield Property Partners commitment to provide a 21st Century experience for boaters and passersby alike, we are excited about the future of the Marina.”

With over 130,000 graduates to its credit, Offshore Sailing uses its award-winning Colgate 26 for its sailing club and courses. Five of these sailboats will be in place at the North Cove Marina on May 21. Two more will be added for a total of seven boats during the inaugural season.

“We have a long and exciting history in New York and New Jersey,” said Steve Colgate, Founder and Chairman of Offshore Sailing. “We’re delighted to be serving New Yorkers once again.” Mr. Colgate and his wife, Doris, operate the school. Mr. Colgate is recognized as one of the country’s leading sailing instructors and Mrs. Colgate authored a sailing book for women, Sailing: A Woman’s Guide, published by a division of the McGraw Hill Companies.

Sailing Program Schedule Announced

Offshore Sailing will offer the following programs:

  • Beginner Classes. Starting May 21, two-hour sailing lessons for those who just want to “test the waters” will be offered.
  • Multi-Day Introduction and Advanced Sailing Classes. Starting May 23 three-day learn-to-sail certification courses and three-day performance sailing and racing courses will also be offered.
    • 2015 Season Rates
      • 3-day Learn to Sail Courses now starting at $347.50, which is a 50% discount for those who sign up prior to July 1, 2015.
      • 3-day Performance Sailing Course now starting at $397.50, which is a 50% discount for those who sign up prior to July 1, 2015.
  • Sailing Club. The North Cove Sailing Club will offer sailing opportunities to Offshore Sailing graduates as well as alumni of other sailing schools. Club membership includes sailing opportunities seven days a week throughout the day at North Cove.
    • Inter-club racing one evening a week and on weekends, in addition to scheduled social events.
    • Other racing events scheduled by shore staff and club members.
    • 2015 Season Rates
      • $600 Off Single North Cove Club Membership, now starting at $2150.
      • $500 Off Per Person Membership for Two, now starting at $1950.
  • Children’s Sailing Program. The KidsSail Youth Program will start June 22 and last eight weeks through week of August 10. Kids aged 7 through 17 will have the option to participate for one or more weeks throughout the summer. Many of the slots in KidsSail will be on a scholarship basis for those who cannot afford to pay. KidsSail anticipates including 150 participants the first year, of which 50% or 75 children will be afforded scholarships to offset tuition costs.
  • Special Corporate, Women’s Sailing Program and Other Special Needs Programs. Corporate team building and regattas, as well as special needs sailing programs for handicapped and at-risk populations are also among Offshore Sailing’s offerings.
  • Charity and Special Events. A special charity event, the Leukemia Cup Regatta, for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, among other racing events are planned.
  • Free or Reduced Cost Sailing Events on Select Dates

For More Information

For more information about the North Cove programs and how to sign up, visit NorthCoveSailingSchool.com or call Beth Oliver at 239-985-7516.



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ABOUT OFFSHORE SAILING SCHOOL. Offshore Sailing School has educated more than 130,000 adults and families over the past 51 years. The company was founded by Olympic and America’s Cup sailor Steve Colgate in 1964 in New York City where he started teaching classroom sessions, with on-water training off City Island, New York.


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