"Battery Park City and the Authority are not just about the buildings – it’s about the character of the community that has developed over time. Public space has had a new renaissance in New York City, but here in Battery Park City is where it started."


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  • 01/19
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Battery Park City is for the birds!

Celebrate the incredible resident and migratory birds spotted in Battery Park City with your own free copy of our official “Birds of Battery Park City 2020 Calendar,” available for download here.

The Battery Park City Authority has offered bird watching programs for a generation, but people have been observing and identifying birds in our parks since the neighborhood’s creation.

The gardens of BPC are particularly helpful to migratory birds. Maintained organically and pesticide free, these plantings offer a food source and cover. Song birds – like warblers and thrushes – migrate at night, landing in this oasis of green space at first light, exhausted from their overnight journey and in need of food and a place to rest safely before the next leg of their journey.

Our Parks Programming team maintains BPCA’s “Life List” of birds spotted in or from Battery Park City, which is currently at 102 different species identified!

We hope you enjoy these and all our feathered friends across BPC’s 36 acres of parks and public space.

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