“From coastal resiliency and sustainable green practices to the preservation of affordable housing, world-class public art, and vibrant, year-round programming in award-winning public spaces, Battery Park City leads the way in many of the measures that makes cities livable."

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BPC PEOPLE – Sean Simon

BPCA Lead Maintenance Technician Supervisor

Q• Where are you from?  
A• East New York, Brooklyn

Q• Where is your favorite spot in BPC?  
A• BPCA Parks Operations at 75 Battery Place – of course!

Q• What is your favorite part about BPC?
A• I’d have to say the resiliency of BPCA and the neighborhood it serves. We’ve been through a lot as a community and are as strong as ever.

Q• When/why did you join the BPCA?
A• My journey began back in 2012 when I first applied for a part time seasonal position with BPCA’s maintenance department. I had such a great experience working here – I felt it to be one of the best jobs I ever had and really enjoy the views of the Hudson and its waterfront. After the first season I received a call back to work in 2013 and I rejoined the Authority during its winter season. Shortly afterward, a full-time position opportunity presented itself and I officially became part of BPCA in September of 2013. Since then I’ve been fully committed to the organization and everything its stands for.

Q• What projects have you been involved in at BPCA?
A• I’ve had the chance to work on BPCA’s Zero Waste Committee, Dog Waste Committee, the Work Readiness Program for children with Autism, and partner organizations that help keep Battery Park City beautiful .

Q• What do you do in your free time?
A• Listen to music, search for wise investments, curate and host events for independent talent.

Q• What is one way you are trying to be more environmentally responsible?
A• I pledged to manage the way I dispose waste, organizing and placing it into the right receptacles, and I’m currently working on getting new receptacles for my home so I can further educate my family on how to properly recycle.

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