"Battery Park City and the Authority are not just about the buildings – it’s about the character of the community that has developed over time. Public space has had a new renaissance in New York City, but here in Battery Park City is where it started."


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BPC Parks Happenings is a monthly “snapshot” of the Authority’s work in maintaining Battery Park City’s parks and public spaces. Scroll down to see what’s on tap for July!

Battery Park City’s open spaces see heavy usage during the summer months, with our Parks Operations team focused on a range of daily tasks to maintain BPC’s world class standards. Here are just some examples:

Clean as a whistle: Parks Operations staff are performing multiple daily washdowns of high-use areas such as dog runs and park walkways.

Our cup of tea: Application of compost tea to street trees and perennial garden areas help fertilize and improve soil health across Battery Park City’s green spaces.

Hangers on: Regular watering of South End Avenue’s popular hanging flower baskets provide for a full season of blooms through October.

Quite a buzz: On Wednesday, July 20, Battery Park City’s beekeeper will be visiting our hive at Rockefeller Park to provide a regular checkup visit and care for our flourishing beehive. Be sure to visit the BPC beehive page for more news and updates.

Zero Waste Goals: As a decades-long leader in sustainability, BPCA is striving to divert 90% of what is sent to landfill! Using information from June waste audit, we know that in comparison to this time in 2021, we are capturing most of the recyclables that were previously being placed in the landfill receptacle. So keep up the good work, Battery Park City!

To continue helping toward our Zero Waste goal, we ask that you rethink what you are bringing into the parks, and if it can’t be reused please recycle or compost items if possible. For our part, we’ll keep watching and adjusting the recycling cans to ensure they are in the right places for optimal use and updating signage on landfill and recycling cans throughout the open spaces.

Read more about Zero Waste in Battery Park City.

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