"Battery Park City and the Authority are not just about the buildings – it’s about the character of the community that has developed over time. Public space has had a new renaissance in New York City, but here in Battery Park City is where it started."


President & CEO
  • 07/08
  • BPC People

B.P.C. People – Gladys Pearlman

Title: Park Host
Department: Parks Programming
Since 1984, Gladys Pearlman has been bringing her joy, creativity and enthusiasm to the parks and fields of Battery Park City. She has influenced a generation of local residents through the many programs she has been involved with; whether she is organizing games, handing out toys, or teaching youngsters how to play tennis, Gladys always manages to bring a smile to kids’ faces. It is no wonder that her motto is “play is important.”
Since Park House opened over twenty years ago, Gladys has served as its unofficial ambassador, and many park users have affectionately renamed it “Gladys’s Park”. Constantly vigilant about BPC’s open spaces, she is an endless source of information to all visitors of the park, can often be seen directing people to their destinations, teaching, encouraging team-building, and fostering friendship and kindness to all park users – but especially children.

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